§ TCAF reports abound, gleaming with white light. Sequential has two more link roundups: here and here.

Comic News Insider’s latest podcast has interviews with burgeoning superstar Kate Beaton, Mike Dawson, and Amber MacArthur. Chris Pitzer’s account is almost ilke being there! Mike Dawson has some suggestions — while he suggests MoCCA have free admission, it is pointed out that the show is a fund-raiser, which he talks about here.

§ BRISTOL COMIC EXPO also has a link or two. Geek Syndicate has a podcast of the DC Nation panel, and more to come.

§ 200905130117Graphic NYC talks to Joe Infurnari, left.

“I just figured that you’re not going to get anywhere by doing something that everybody else is doing or doing something like everybody else; so do something that’s retarded enough that nobody would dare,” Joe Infurnari says from his drawing table. “The challenge is to make something that sounds nuts actually work. If you can do that then you have something.”

§ Comics Reporter has the ultimate Darwyn Cooke/Ed Brubaker interview on the topic of the former’s upcoming Parker adaptation:

COOKE: When you’re looking at this from a storytelling standpoint, you’re trying to find subtle ways to shift gears and control pacing in a way that a book or a film can’t do. If there’s one thing that you can bring to a book like this that’s perhaps well known, it’s a fresh look at certain things. You can take the time to really blow it out at the beginning and getting to know him visually. You’ll notice that most of the scenes that take place in the here and now have very, very sparse narrative. They’re almost all dialogue and visually driven. Narrative has been stripped down to what I considered essential character or plot stuff that you needed to have. When you go into flashback, which we happened to do twice in the book, I move into a denser narrative. It evokes that sense of someone telling you the story, it allows me to cover more ground in fewer pages, and it gives us a format that distinguishes the flashback from the real-time story, without doing big scallops around all the panels.

Can we just say the art for this looks ultra-tasty?


200905130124§ It’s official! Fox has picked up the HUMAN TARGET pilot, and everyone seems to love it so far.

Based on the DC Comics title, the show centers on Christopher Chance (Mark Valley), a mysterious freelancer who offers a unique form of security for hire: He assumes the identities of people in danger, becoming the “human target” on behalf of his clients.

Jackie Earle Haley and Chi McBride co-star in the project written by Jon Steinberg and directed by Simon West. The two exec produced the pilot with McG.

The character was created by Len Wein and Carmine Infantino and was most recently revived by Peter Milligan and artists including Edvin Biukovic and Cliff Chiang. HUMAN TARGET had a previous run as a TV show in 1992, when seven episodes starring Rick Springfield aired.

This is really quite spooky.

§ Shaenon Garrity visits Tokyo, part 2.

§ Two from J. Caleb Mozzocco: Hate the Alex Ross cover, not Alex Ross and Tarzan as you’ve seen him many times before, and loved each and every time.