Beemotel § Jason Little has wrapped up his MOTEL ART IMPROVEMENT SERVICE webcomic. Congrats!

§ The rags are full of previews of Comic-Con, none of which have anything to do with comics. Oh well.

Cover-Final-Luna-Park-197X300§ The new Vertigo: Graphic Content blog previews LUNA PARK, a new graphic novel by Kevin Baker and Daniel Zezelj.

LUNA PARK, written by novelist Kevin Baker, drawn by Danijel Zezelj, and colored by Dave Stewart, is an epic, sprawling historical crime thriller that spans a century and is reminiscent of Kevin Baker’s acclaimed novel DREAMLAND and David Cronenberg’s film Eastern Promises.

§ Todd Allen connects some dots and comes up with an interesting hypothesis re: Wizard World Chicago.

§ At Robot 6, JK Parkin points out what seems to be a historical moment that took way too long: not one but two African-American women writing mainstream comics. UPDATE: David Brothers also covers this topic.

gusandhisgang§ Val interviews Rich, but don’t expect a tell-all:

OS: Is there any story that you ran in “Lying In The Gutters” that in retrospect you wish you hadn’t or had handled differently? RJ: I wish I’d run the Rick Olney story a week early. I wish I’d trusted my gut and run the Dreamwave stories earlier. Running the X-Statix/Princess Diana story and getting the Daily Mail newspaper onto it seemed to kill the storyline and the book, after Elton John gave Avi Arad an earful. Yeah, that one was a big regret. Who knew that Marvel would get so tabloid-sensitive so suddenly?

§ David Welsh examines this year’s Manga Eisner nominees, all of which deserve your consumer dollar.

§ Abhay Khosla reviews GUS AND HIS GANG as only Abhay Khosla can. Whatever he says, we give GUS AND HIS GANG our highest recommendation — if you like Jason you will like this book.


  1. Allen’s hypothesis on WWC/Rosemont only works if WWC stays in Rosemont… or have the rumors of a moove to Schaumburg died off?


  2. I haven’t heard Schaumburg for a while. That was hot a couple years ago, but lately it’s been more “are DC and Marvel going to have booths” and is WWC going to survive. Schaumburg isn’t _that_ far from DesPlaines, so you could still do some sort of shuttle co-promotion.