§ When you hear the words “Al Columbia” and “difficult”, your ears prick up, and writer Jon Adams has a frank and eye-opening account of their collaboration on THE LEGACY, an upcoming comic.

Two years ago we mentioned The Legacy, our upcoming project with Al Columbia. It’s been an upsetting and lengthy process, but one we’ve stuck with because we believe in the project. It’s a comic unlike any other, sure to redefine the art form. Just like the time Paul Pope destroyed comics so he could rebuild them, The Legacy is going to destroy comics, rebuild them, put a hat on them, then destroy them again, then bake them into a pie and eat it. Now you understand what this project means.

§ If you read Italian you might learn more about last week’s 1950 cartoonist/bathing beauty mash-up.

§ Ng Suat Tong has the best roundup of ASTERIOS POLYP links and interpretations yet, but as always, we encourage everyone to READ THE BOOK before reading the reader’s guides. It’s a novel that rewards multiple readings and the fresh approach for the first time will yield the best result.

§ At Mighty God King, Justin Zyduck suggests 21 Influential Mainstream Comics Writers (For Better or Worse), as a conversation starter. [Via Robot 6]

§ We’re pretty ignorant where DCU continuity is concerned, so we have no idea if this, by J. Caleb Mozzoccois as squicky as it sounds:

A thought has occurred to me since my original reaction to Hal Jordan sexing with half the Birds of Prey: How old is The Huntress supposed to be now? And how old is Hal Jordan supposed to be? (Hal should be in his early 40’s, if Green Arrow sired Green Arrow II and Black Lightning had Thunder and Lightning by the time they were being superheroes, but whatever). Because Huntress also slept with Dick “Nightwing” Grayson and Roy “Arsenal-at-the-time” Harper, and those guys were both just teenagers when Hal Jordan was already a full-grown man Green Lantern-ing about. So, there should be at least ten years between Hal and the grown-up teen sidekicks, if not closer to 20. So was Huntress robbing the cradle with Dick and Roy, or robbing the grave with Hal? (And is it made extra-gross by the uncle/nephew relationship Brad Meltzer was depicting between Hal and Roy during his Justice League of America run?)

§ Not comics: if you thought SD09 was bad, wait until you read Whitney Matheson’s Lollapalooza diary. Hint: a day of soaking rain was following by two days of 90 degree heat.


  1. Alan, I’m pretty sure that statement is facetious. Did you read the whole thing? I would personally love to read a comic about Sir Duckington.

  2. Not sure what to make of Al Columbia and The Legacy and all that. Never heard of them. My hunch is that it is all fictional, and meant to be a commentary on creative teams.

    But then I have a very active imagination myself, and only need someone else around in order to make it a team and then both of us can get rich.

    And then again,it could all be true, and someone really is posting their email exchanges verbatim on their blog. My bad.

  3. Re aging: The Marvel Universe has the same cases of weird age gaps between characters, with the Young Avengers being examples. The only explanation is that Marvel (and DC, presumably) choose to have some people age in real time, roughly, up to the point that they become usable heroes/heroines, while adults don’t age. The same artificial aging of children occasionally happens in soap operas.