That’s from TalkLikeWarenEllis.com, hours or minutes of fun:

This page randomly generates a Warren Ellis-like greeting based on his tweets. All respect and credit for the words here should be given directly to him, we just thought it would be funny to do this. Please don’t destroy us, Mr. Ellis.

§ How on EARTH did we manage to miss this comics in NY Mag by Lane Brown and Frank Stockton and about the Jackman/Craig Broadway manfest? (Maybe because they somehow couldn’t translate the colors to the web?) Funny, nonetheless.

§ Hero Complex briefly looks at BlizzCon the recently concluded show for fans of various Blizzard games, like World of Warcraft and Diablo.

“It’s fun for us,” Sams said. “It gives us an opportunity to interact with the players. The players are very passionate about these products.”

Interaction with fans is becoming an increasingly larger part of the company’s overall strategy. Next year, it will launch a revamped version of its online multiplayer network called Battle.net, which puts an emphasis on keeping players connected.

§ [email protected] talks to former Top Cow e-i-c- Renae Geerlings, who, in addition to marrying Tyler Mane, has joined Radical Comics:

GEERLINGS: I’m up to LOTS. In terms of comic books I just started working with Radical Publishing on a few projects which is exciting. David Wohl was the one who hired me a Top Cow so when he called and asked if I was ready to pick up a project with his new company, I said yes. I’m back to smiling and wearing cute outfits. We’ll see how long that lasts…