August’s dog days continue as everyone is vacationing on the job.

§ Preeminent comics historian/editor Paul Gravett’s October Previews picks!

§ A new Wolverine comic preview is too violent to show, along with the villain Contagion, who “stands out notably for having pubic hair that wreaths his junk in a Cthulu-like beard of tendrils that look like they could come to life at any moment and attack you with their prehensile stalks.” Juan Jose Ryp you might just be starting to get a reputation.

§ Tim O’Shea talks with Stuart Moore, who talks about going from book editing to comics:

The job was a big change for me; I had less autonomy than I’d had as a book editor, but more prestige and a better budget. I immediately took to the comics community…I’ve always loved the people. I know that sounds stupid, but it’s true.


§ RED YELLOW BLUE, a comics classic.

§ “Why would a publisher continue to ignore a totally untapped market?”

§ Laura Hudson again with a sharp editorial on the Wizard World evolution:

Wizard World Chicago took place over the weekend — or as it is now called, “Wizard World Chicago Comic Con.” Wizard founder Gareb Shamus recently affixed “Comic Con” to the names of Wizard’s shoes, presumably to cash in on the name and visibility of larger, more popular events like the massive San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic-Con. It’s a business move, but a distasteful one, mostly because this rebranding took place at a time when Wizard World shows have less to do with comics than ever.

§ Kristy Valenti on Dames in the Dollar Bin: Ladies’ Night at Comics Dungeon.


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