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Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 8/16/11


§ Is Achewood coming back from the long hiatus of the soul? Gary Tyrrell looks at the evidence.

§ As expected, attorney Marc Toberoff is appealing the recent decision for Marvel in the Kirby estate lawsuit which sought to regain copyrights on the characters he created for Marvel.

The notice of appeal to the Second Circuit Court of Appeal was filed today. Specifically, the estate of comic book superhero legend Kirby — co-creator of Captain America, The Fantastic Four, The X-Men, The Avengers, Iron Man, Hulk, The Silver Surfer and Thor — sent notices terminating copyright to publishers Marvel and Disney, as well as film studios that have made movies and TV shows based on characters he created or co-created, including Sony, Universal, 20th Century Fox and Paramount Pictures. Normally these kinds of lawsuits are run of the mill for Hollywood. But not when they’re litigated by Toberoff, who is the bane of Big Media studios because he has a winning track record.

§ Andy Khouri takes a long look at The Dollars And Sense Of ‘Womanthology’. It rounds up a lot of the information and gets some answers from Renae De Liz. We’re still collating a lot of information about this, but in the meantime, this is your go-to piece.
§ While it’s funny that Paul Krugman thinks that a Watchmen-style alien invasion would fix the economy, it is also profoundly depressing that a Nobel Prize-winning economist who has made many accurate predictions in the past thinks our economy is so fucked up that only an alien invasion can save it.
§ An interview withLorenzo Mattotti:

I knew the music of Lou Reed at the beginning of the ’70s. I wasn’t really impressed by his way of singing, to use the voice like an actor. Sometimes it was strange the way he changed his voice, sometimes he spoke, sometimes he sang. It was the way he interpreted the words, the expression of his voice. I remember there was a very good record, No Prisoners, I think, a live performance where there was really an atmosphere of the cabaret. I remember that I was thinking of a way to draw in this kind of voice. I was always interested by the music in the way that I draw. Really, I remember that I was thinking what kind of sign could be the voice of Lou Reed: very dry, and black & white with strange variations. I think that it is kind of my thinking with the voice of Robert Wyatt.

§ An interview with Rachel Pandich, author of the indie comic ASPIRE:

FCBD and cons have been my bread and butter on this book. Lots of current and former readers go to FCBD for the free comics and goodies. Aspire has brought back some of these former customers to a couple of the local shops because they want to get the book for their daughters. Going to the conventions have been great too. Aspire is not in Previews so word of mouth is the way people are hearing about it. Heck, going to MegaCon is how I ending up going to Heroes Con. Marsha Cooke (co-writer of Teenage Satan) was so impressed at MegaCon she insisted that I come to HeroesCon. She was kind enough to give Ashley and me time and space at the TS booth all weekend AND she brought copies of Aspire back to Canada to Strange Adventures Comics.

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