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Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 8/15/14: I saw dry leaves rattling in the gutter yesterday


§ I should have my rebuilt computer back next week and should get a lot more productive. I know everyone was anxious for an update on that so there you go.

§ Chris Sims claims that Sean Ryan’s Suicide Squad is good:

To be fair, there’s a good chance that I’m reading a little too much into it, but I don’t think I am, for one simple reason. See, the trick with New Suicide Squad is that there is no trick. Ryan’s script for this comic is about as subtle as a hammer to the kneecap, with characters in the comic discussing the events surrounding the Suicide Squad, the team, in a way that’s impossible — at least for me — to see as not also applying to Suicide Squad, the comic book.

§ And David Harper looks at all the interesting things Bat-editor Mark Doyle has been doing recently:

Even with the backing of the line’s most prominent writer, though, Doyle had his work cut out for him. Changing the fate of an entire line of comics, especially one so bogged down in corporate structure of DC, was something that could and should take a lot of time and effort (worth noting: as a line, it was already in a better place than most of DC). No one would have blamed him if it we didn’t see the true impact of his work until 2015. Fast forward just over six months, and the Batman line – and through it, DC – is faced with something that we haven’t seen from fans in a while: hope.

§ A nice review in the Cleveland Plain Dealer of Bryan Lee O”Malley’s Seconds and Eleanor Davis’s How to Be Happy. With all the astonishingly great comics coming out lately I’d like to be seeing more reviews of them; I guess I need to be the cure I want to see on that count.

§ When I saw this title, Hard-Copy Graphic Novels Are Vital for ESL Students, I thought it would be a nice counterpoint to yesterday’s story on how you learn better with paper, but rambles a bit.
§ Steve Morris interviewedDan Abnett about his 2000SAD series ‘Lawless’:

Currently running in the pages of Judge Dredd Megazine, Dan Abnett and Phil Winslade’s Lawless moves away from the central block wars and hi-tech warways of MegaCityOne and off into the outer frontier. The series is a black and white western focusing on Colonial Marshall Metta Lawson as she heads into her new district in an attempt to bring the 2000AD law to the outskirts of society.

§ I never get tired of reading about Mickey Rourke and how he wanted Whiplash in Iron Man 2 to do more things. I would watch a whole movie of Whiplash talking to his birds, maybe interrupted by shirtless battles with superheroes who are trying to ruin is good time. Also Rourke has had some GOOD plastic surgery and doesn’t look as much like Marv any more. 

§ Yay a Betty Boop movie is being made! Huh…reality singing contest meanie Simon Cowell is making it??? Weird.

§ Daryl Dixon may be gay, and there is nothing you can do about it.

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