§ Can Yahoo go where science has failed? I want to start reading the marvel comics but i dont know where to start?

§ Jakes Forbes weighs in on the Manga/scanlation equation with the suggestion of A BETTER WAY.

§ Dan Nadel reports on marvelous comical doings in LA.


§ Brian Wood talks about Vikings and Metal to introduce a new storyline in NORTHLANDERS.

Heavy metal and Vikings go hand in hand. I didn’t need Becky Cloonan and Espen Jorgensen to tell me that. I’m pretty sure I was first schooled to this fact walking across “stoner bridge,” a little walkway that crossed a pitiful stream and opened up onto the back of my high school’s parking lot in northern Vermont. Crossing it meant running a gauntlet of rednecks, headbangers, weed smoke, and heavy metal t-shirts. From Led Zeppelin to Bathory, the imagery was dominant.

§ Speaking of Zep, remember when THIS was what made the internet great? As far as we’re concerned, it has never been improved upon.

§ Stan Lee talks about the whole Donald Glover as Spider-Man campaign, and shows why he’s a master diplomat:

As for the racial aspect of the debate, Lee brushed it off, saying that casting Peter Parker “shouldn’t be a racial issue.” However, he added that drastically changing Peter Parker’s appearance could risk confusing audiences — but that shouldn’t stop anyone from giving Glover or other non-white actors a shot.

§ Sean T. Collins catches Tom Brevoort snarking on DC. Saucer of milk for one!


§ Chris Sims has The 18 Best Batman Panels Ever and this one (by Len Wein and Jim Aparo) is only #17!

§ Tom Spurgeon catches Peter Bagge being “prudishly edited” at one of his recent mainstream efforts.

§ TCJ is looking at Boys Love with a roundtable, so of course we’ll quote Shaenon T. Garrity:

Even before reading Boys’ Love, I was more than familiar with all the convoluted arguments explaining how the characters in BL aren’t “really” men, not even fantasy men. Because they look like women. Because they act like women. Because the seme/uke relationship is a coded heterosexual relationship, therefore BL is a coded heterosexual fantasy. Because the seme and uke are both kinda girly, therefore BL is a coded lesbian fantasy. Or a transsexual fantasy. Or an asexual fantasy. Or anything other than girls ogling boys.

§ Brian Hibbs is trying to put it all behind him.

§ Finally, this movie review reminded us that former Marvel Entertainment VP Shirrel Rhoadesis now a sometime movie critic, among other things.


  1. It won’t win me a Nobel, but I did my darndest to answer the Yahoo question.

    (And, yes, Marvel Universe Connections is comics crack… Six Degrees of Separation in 3-D… how big can you make the cloud before your computer freezes?)

  2. Top 18 Batman panels and there’s none on the list by Marshall Rogers, Bruce Timm, Dick Spang, Carmine Infantino or Jerry Robinson. What’s up with that?

    Yeah, what’s a up with a writer who says he’s listing “18 of my all-time favorite panels” having different all-time favorite panels than you might have had? It’s almost as if taste is subjective!

  3. “Yeah, what’s a up with a writer who says he’s listing “18 of my all-time favorite panels” having different all-time favorite panels than you might have had? It’s almost as if taste is subjective!”

    Expect that he doesn’t title his blog posting as “18 of my all-time favorite panels”, he titles it “the 18 Best Batman Panels Ever”. The 18 best…ever, not “my favorite 18”, a very important distinction. My comment stands.

  4. Good to know that him eating crow over the whole Siege will crush BN quote. Hasn’t stopped Brevoort from continuing to act like a jackass because god knows we need more of those on the net.

  5. In an ideal world the answer to that Yahoo question would be “just pick up any comic and start reading”. That’s how it was when I started reading, sad that it’s gotten so complicated and inbred since then.