§ Simon Jones’ Icarus Comics site’s webhost has been hit by a malware attack, so please stay away until further notice.


§ Link o’ the day from Jay Lynch: Tech writer Harry McCracken tracks down the origin of the word “fanboy” and it isn’t as simple as you might think:

That much I knew before I began research for this article. I didn’t know, however, just how “fanboy” entered the language in the first place. It’s an interesting story, but you won’t find it in the dictionary. The word is there–in fact, when Merriam-Webster added it in 2008, numerous celebratory news stories marked the fact.

§ G. Willow Wilson tweets that AIR, her Vertigo series, has been canceled wih issue #24, but shell be wrapping up the storylines.

§ Chris Butcher discovers a huge comic book and what it tells us about ourselves.

§ What does Warren Ellis do at the pub?


§ Shaenon T. Garrity looks at Garfield: His 9 Lives, an extremely alarming anthology of the past:

By far the best-looking piece in the book is “Babes & Bullets: The Continuing Adventures of Sam Spayed,” an illustrated pulp-fiction sendup that, groan-inducing title pun aside, is solidly entertaining. Kevin Campbell illustrates Ron Tuthill’s text with elegant, photorealistic black-and-white drawings of cats in fedoras. It’s kind of a proto-Blacksad thing. What does it have to do with Garfield? Exactly nothing, at least until Paws Inc. made a TV special out of it. Which of course they did.


§ The UK paper The Sun is running Wallace and Gromit comics! So the newspaper isn’t dead after all! HUzzah!

Launching in The Sun on Monday 17th May, each story will run over six days (Mon-Sat) and will feature the world famous duo in all-new adventures. The hilarious new comic strips have been originated by Titan Comics, in association with Aardman Animations, the award-winning studio that originally brought Wallace & Gromit to life.


§ Gamera! Giant, fire-spewing turtle monster!


§ I remember reading this when I was a kid and thinking that Stu Schwartzberg had to be the wittiest person who ever lived.


  1. Gamera is good to eat,
    He is made of turtle meat.
    We all love you, Gamera!


    (And to fanboyish… it’s “Flavor Aid”, not “Kool-Aid” that was drunk at Jonestown.)

  2. Gamara rocks! He’s the friend to all children – though the new Gamara films have been real hardcore. I did find it interesting that the gulf oil spill has created a deep mile long underwater mass so dense that researchers couldn’t read through it. Of course my first thought was *giant sea monster* released in a cloud of unidentifiable oil. That’s Gamara!!!