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§ Dreamworks bases big movie on obscure Warren comic ICv2 reports:

Dreamworks Animation has announced that it plans to release its 3-D animated feature Monsters vs. Aliens on May 15th, 2009. Based on the classic 1950s science fiction movies in general and the comic series, Rex Havoc and the Ass-Kickers of the Fantastic that appeared in Warren’s 1984 Magazine in particular, Monsters vs. Aliens is looking like Dreamworks Animation’s major release of 2009 and appears to be a natural for merchandise tie-ins with its tale of an intrepid band of adventurers called upon to defeat an alien invasion that is disrupting cable TV.

§ Tokyopop halts Divalicious. Volume 2 will come out, however.

Tokyopop has decided at this time for fiscal reasons to not continue Diva. The reasons have nothing to do with T or myself and there is nothing wrong with Divalicious! itself.
All the more reason why this is such a crushing disappointment, as I believe Diva is a great comic with great characters and could be fantastically successful if only more people knew about it. We had mostly great reviews, but what we really need is for the fanbase to raise their voices(and wallets)!

[Hat Tip: Johanna]

§ CHUD’s Devin Feraci ponders Final Crisis and the end of DC Comics:

For the last few years, DC Comics’ universe of interconnected superhero titles have been embroiled in a rolling series of crossovers and events, each supposedly redefining or recreating what has come before, and changing the status quo of the comic book universe as it exists. Starting with Identity Crisis, which had such family fun as Elongated Man’s wife’s murder and the revelation of her rape at the hands (well, you know) of a goofy villain, the comic company has been inundating readers with massive storylines that weave in and out of miniseries, regular series and now two 52-issue weekly series. Every time you turn around, DC Comics is announcing a new spin-off or crossover that you MUST! READ! to get the full story. The latest weekly comic event, Countdown, apparently can’t even hold the main storyline in 52 issues and has already begun branching out into other one shots and miniseries.

Where does it all end? There are two answers: one is it ends when the fans wise up and stop pouring their money into the sinkhole known as DC Comics. The other, official answer, is next May, when Final Crisis begins.

§ The OC Weekly offers a preview of the Big Con, and their own tip sheet.

§Border police finally crack down on Canadian cartoonists This is especially fitting since only recently they still let through Jerry Only lookalikes carrying bloody chain saws. [Via Tom]

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