§ Sean Kleefeld and Platinum CEO Brian Altounian discuss the status of Wowio, the online download site that has been having lots of cashflow problems.

§ George Gene Gustines profiles Dean Haspiel in the Sunday NY Times

I did Act-I-Vate and “Billy Dogma” while doing print work. The difference between the two is for a printed graphic novel, you know the beginning, the middle and the end of the story when you get the script, and you take a year to draw it. Not many people see what you’ve done, except for the editor and the writer. It’s printed and marketed, and you hope a bunch of people see it and weigh in. What’s cool about doing “Billy Dogma” is that every week people tell me what they like, or don’t like, or “keep drawing!”

§ The NY Times also looks at an upcoming film called WATCHMEN

The two introductory scenes, Mr. Snyder said, are concessions to audiences who know nothing of “Watchmen,” “so that they will swallow the bitter pill of the next 20 minutes of the movie and listen to a bunch of superheroes rap it out for a while, before anything else happens.”


§ Deb Aoki previews the extremely popular manga Itazura Na Kiss which is coming out in the US from Digital Manga:

So when we’re talking ‘popular,’ let’s talk some numbers here. According to DMP’s press release, over 30 million volumes of Itazura Na Kiss have been sold worldwide. It has inspired live action TV drama adaptations in both Japan and Taiwan, and a live theatrical production. To make it even more timely, Itazura Na Kiss has also recently been adapted as a 25-episode anime series by TMS Entertainment, which was televised between April and September 2008 in Japan on TBS network in Japan.

One sad postscript to the success of Itazura Na Kiss is that it was left incomplete. Tada-sensei died in 1999 due to cerebral hemmorage caused by an accident at her home. She was 38.

§ A Vancouver paper profiles the publisher Bluewater, which recently relocated to Canada the American city which is confusingly named Vancouver:

“Most of the work is Internet-based,” he said. “We chose to relocate to Vancouver because it’s near my father, who lives in Portland, and we’ve got quick assess to Portland International Airport.”

§ We were going to tag this link Everything you always wanted to know about the availability of comic books starring Barack Obama in Norwalk, CT, but this piece by long-time comics vet Robert J. Sodaro has lots of interesting information in it.

§ BUT! Are comics starring Barack Obama even LEGAL???

§ Quotable Newbery Award winner Neil Gaiman

When asked how it felt to become the new Miss America of children’s literature, since the Newbery Medal comes with quite a good deal of responsibilities, invitations, and appearances, Gaiman laughed. “There is definitely this sense of responsibility, the sort of thing where I keep thinking I really mustn’t rob a bank this year. The news headline would inevitably be “Newbery Winner Robs Bank.” I have to say away from Ponzi schemes too,” he added. “Though, to be honest, none of this has even started to sink in yet.”


  1. Regarding Bluewater’s move, they moved to Vancouver, Washington, not British Columba. Vancouver, WA is a small city across the Columbia River from Portland.

  2. Regarding Bluewater’s move, they moved to Vancouver, Washington, not British Columbia. Vancouver, WA is a small city across the Columbia River from Portland.

  3. Hey there Heidi, I just spotted this link you had posted back in Feb. Thanks loads for the nod (and the kudos). Unfortunately the newspaper I wrote the article for pulled the piece down from the Web. (I guess they only keep current articles live), oh well, their loss. Anyway, this link (http://freelanceink.blogspot.com/search?q=obama%2C+spidey) brings folks to my personal blog where much of the Spidey/Obama info (and loads more) can be found,


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