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§ A widely distributed profile of millitary cartoonist Master Sgt. Steve Opet. These cartoons may be a bit funnier if you are actually in the Army in Iraq, but local humor always plays big.

And for nearly 15 months, he has chronicled all of it in “Opet’s Odyssey” – cartoons that lampoon the sometimes humorous, sometimes inane side of military life in Iraq.

“Let’s face it, I’m in the Army,” Opet, 54, of Weirton, W.Va., said during a recent interview from this sprawling base on the outskirts of Baghdad. “And sometimes, funny stuff happens.”

§ Matt Maxwell‘s webcomic Strangeways has moved to Robot 6.

§ Ed Chavez grades Bandai Entertainment.

§ Shaenon K. Garrity looks at Dykes to Watch Out For and Alison Bechdel:

Things weren’t always so easy, but Alison Bechdel didn’t care. Dykes grew and throve far outside the comics industry, far even by the standards of strips that run in the free weeklies (the many tips-of-the-nib almost always namecheck people and organizations in the gay and/or feminist community; about the closest Bechdel gets to acknowledging the sequential-art world is a reference to Ariel Schrag). It may not be at your local comic-book store, unless your local comic-book store is awesome, but it can be found on bookstore shelves, in coffeehouse restrooms, under futons, and shoved between the vegan cookbooks and porn wherever agents of the Homosexual Agenda operate. Bechdel knows how to get her work to people who want to read it.

§ Is Bill Willingham right? WARNING: Big spoilers about a very famous comic book character if you click that link. Source.

§ After Elton investigates inaccurate Brit tabloid headlines about Stan Lee.

§ Cathy Guisewite CAN go home again.

§ We hate Chris Mautner. Seriously.

§ When he isn’t making us hate him, Mautner is previewing Toon Books plans for spring:

§ Cartoon Network is increasingly running live-action shows, and this list of live-action shows in development includes familiar names and properties.

In development are “Crypto Tapes,” written by Dean Batali and produced by Mark Wolper; “Hoops,” written by David Aaron Cohen and produced by Rick Karo; “Advanced Placement,” written by Geoff Moore and David Posamentier and produced by the Yari Film Group; and “Privateer,” written by Georg Geiger and produced by Joe Broido/Porchlight. Another project, “Necessary Evil,” is based on the comic book series. The series’ writers are Max Burnett, Chris Borelli and Jonathan Davis; the co-producers are H2F Entertainment and Objective Entertainment.

Other projects in development include “Prep,” Dini’s tale of teenagers at a mysterious school; an untitled project from Werb described as an urban adventure; the Eric Kaplan-penned “Rebels,” about teenagers battling an alien invasion; “Jackers,” written by Carleton Eastlake, about body-switching crime fighters; “Racer,” from writer Sandy Isaac, about racing with a teen spin; “Wired,” by Kira Snyder, about technology-enhanced teen agents; and Ethlie Ann Vare’s “Redline,” about a teenager with a high-tech vehicle. Also in the pipeline are “Marked Man” from Hans Beimler and “Countdown” from Edgar Lyall.

  1. A. anyone who uses Axe does not like to smell.

    B. “”What all this live-action development doesn’t mean is that Cartoon Network is pulling back on animation. “This does not replace that in any way,” Sorcher said. “This is a complement, an expansion.” “”

    Ooohhh, a compliment, nice. Like the way MTV compliments reality tv shows and other programming…..Someone obviously at Cartoon Network is thinking that Live-Action will get them more money than animation, as long as that’s the thinking, I can’t wait for the day when I turn on Cartoon Network and think, ‘where are the cartoons?’.

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