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Kibbles 'n' Bits — 4/26/10


§ First off, congrats to Ivan Brandon and Kristyn Ferretti, who tied the knot this weekend. Oh, those crazy kids.

§ Glenn Danzig and Crystar for the first time, Frank Santoro tells the story of the two, and your world will never be the same.

§ There were many, many comics-related events around the world this weekend, like the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, now in its fifth year. Here are some photos, including one of the hottest Red Sonja’s we’ve ever seen.

§ The South Bend Comic Book Convention was also held, in South Bend, IN, and the eternal dance of longbox and checklit was held, once again:

“I’m looking for comics that aren’t normally sold here at shows,” he said Saturday.

Specifically, he was searching for titles by Valiant and Innovation, two comic-book makers that have gone out of business.

“The paper is nice,” he said, finding one and pointing out its glossy pages.

Bolinger crossed another item off his list and continued shopping at the South Bend Comic Book Convention at the Comfort Suites on U.S. 933.

§ Market Day by James Strum is reviewed in the NY Times, by George Gene Gustines.

The splendid artwork in “Market Day” manages to evoke — depending on the scene — wonder or sadness, though the color palette mostly stays muted. Mendleman has the soul and vision of an artist. He constantly observes, absorbs and converts the chaos of life around him into patterns for his rugs. In one early scene, as day begins to break, Mendleman sees “a sliver of pink framed by the gray earth and clouds,” which he imagines, and Mr. Sturm depicts, as a simple rug.

§ We were alerted to this 15 Unintentionally Perverted Toys for Children piece on Cracked.com via a trackback to our own perennial, Spotlight on: Putting things that explode near your junk, but the hilariously inappropriate toys that Cracked covers are indeed so baffling and mysterious in their origins, they make Frank Castle’s crotch-rocket look positively benign. Take this classic, Rad Rapeatin’ Tarzan.

Would you be surprised to learn that The Beat actually owns a Rad Repeatin’ Tarzan, and we are looking at it right this moment, sitting on a shelf in Stately Beat Manor? No? It was a gift! Sadly, because of the toy’s great age and the number of times we have shown it to incredulous visitors, the “yodeling” sound no longer works. But Tarzan’s arm is still strong, makes rad repeatin’ jackin’ offin motion just fine.

Sadly, we don’t own the toy where Rafiki is a very, very bad babysitter for baby Simba. Nor this Punisher that transforms into many, many lewd and surprising shapes.

§ Not comics, and yet somehow related to the previous item via the dangers of putting perilous objects too close to your fundament, we read of this school, which has a real life Quidditch team:

An added catch to the game is that each player has to have an official Harry Potter broom between his or her legs at all times, held with one hand.

Rad, repeatin’ broom. [Thank to Christopher Moonlight for the link.]

§ We are always going on and on about how we hates Facebook, and this is why.


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