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Kibbles 'n' Bits — 4/13/10


As usual, too many links, not enough time.

§ The Library of American Comics has launched a website that will fill one with longings for comics strips of the past.

§ If this Comic Book Cartography blog hasn’t changed your life yet, just give it time.

§ The winners of the Afrodisiac Art Contest have been announced.

§ How to spend $300 in an hour at MoCCA

§ Gastronome CB Cebulski has launched a food blog, EATAKU, following a recent appearance on The Food Network.

§ Perhaps Kurt Busiek will launch his own food blog, after a Beat post led him on a long distance sandwich quest.:

§ The Coming of Kodansha has kinda been more a quiet little mouse than Godzilla, reports Matt Blind.

§ Chris Butcher’s monthly Liveblogging The Previews provides as succinct a status report on the industry as you can get these days:

Meanwhile, IDW starts their move off with… a licensed book based on a movie. Not personally thrilling, but the writer is Bob Schreck in his first post-DC outing, and it comes with a variant cover by Frank Miller? That’s kind of a big deal. The interior art shown on the page honestly doesn’t thrill me, but with Jurassic Park being one of the best-selling books and movies of all time, and this being a direct sequel to the first film, Jurassic Park: Redemption #1 (it’s official title) will definitely have its fans. Page 140, $3.99.

§ What about that iPad, eh? Gettin’ a lot hotter lately!


  1. Well, I spent two days at MoCCA, and probably spent about $200. That’s a bit surprising, as I did not purchase any books I could acquire via my employee discount. (And I’m not going to lug 100 pounds of books around the show and onto the subway.)

    No sketches, either. The most expensive purchase was a $40 paperback of UPA photos. A nice history of Swedish comics for $15. Too much spent at the Sirius table (hard to find books for my nieces) even at $5 per. Lots of cool stuff! (Book of the show: To Teach, via Teachers College Press)

    As for that sandwich… I ordered the Black Forest. I was spoiled as a kid…as a German-American, I’ve been trained to savor meat, cheese, chocolate, cookies, candy… Schinken (smoked ham)… next time I’ll get JUST the ham… maybe even eschew the bread. (If you’re on the Upper East Side, stop by Schaller & Weber. If you’re at Grand Central, walk through the Lexington Market.)

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