Dc Holiday 1990
It is really slowing down for the holidays. But a few people are limping to the finish line.

§ Kyle Baker recounts a funny anecdote and reproduces an old piece of his art, above.

§ An alarming number of Whitney Matheson’s Top 100 People of 2008: Nos. 80-100 have comics connections.

§ Matt Maxwell has some thoughts on the years past.

§ Beaucoup Kevin has some fun with giving graphic novels “booK” type designs.

§ Brandon at Are You A Serious Comic Book Reader? links to movie critic Armond White comparing Soderbergh’s Che movie with Spain Rodrigeuz’s Che graphic novel. We wish more of this kind of thing happened.


  1. They’re showing the entire four and a half hour cut of Che out here at the Landmark on Pico. I imagine it’s playing somewhere in New York too, but when it gets major released it’s going to be split apart into two movies.

    Four and a half hours- that’s certainly a test of endurance of fidgeting in your fine leather recliner’s seat for one movie.

    I bet it would be a blast if it was stretched out on a matinee admission. You’d definitely get your movie of epic proportion’s worth.

    Now why couldn’t Quentin Tarantino have released Kill Bill as one massive cut?