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Kibbles ‘n’ Bits — 2/9/10


§ WHAT IS KING? CONTENT? or FREE? While the debate rages, the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

§ Benjamin Marra’s Traditional Comics has a trailer. We’re sold. [Via Nick Gazin]

§ At the NY Times, George Gene Gustines looks at sales of the most mainstream comics of all, with the TWILIGHT manga, WATCHMEN, and the Janet Evanovich graphic novels coming from Dark Horse — the first one will have a 100,000 first printing, which is pretty ambitious.

§ DC’s Austin Trunick is not only a publicity sensei, he’s the next Diablo Cody.

§ Tim Robbins has been cast as the villain’s dad in GREEN LANTERN, joining the proud tradition of Jeff Bridges, Nick Nolte, Sam Elliott, and Brian Cox in the role of Older White Man in a Superhero Movie.

§ Several bloggers are writing about Sexy Voice and Robo MMF, an unusual and entertaining manga that never got to finish its run here.

§Colleen Doran’s website has been updated.

§ Brian Wood talks DMZ #50 at Comics Alliance.

§ Tim O’Shea talks comics with Jim Ottaviani

§ The London Free Press chats with Jeff Lemire

§ Not comics: Apparently J.D. Salinger did keep writing; you just may not enjoy it as much as you did “A Perfect Day for Bananafish.” Ick.

  1. I read Traditional comics every night before being tucked in and drifting off to sleep.
    Oh the lovely nightmares I have!

    Two thumbs up!

  2. PW reported that Yen Press is printing Three Hundred And Fifty THOUSAND copies. That’s a huge number in publishing, and only Watchmen comes close among graphic novels.

    With that many copies, people (not fans, PEOPLE) will see it EVERYWHERE… B&N, Borders, Target, Walmart, on the one-week-loan shelves at the local branch library…

    Ever wonder how a Harry Potter graphic novel would sell? Here’s your answer. Expect lots of proms held at midnight. Hopefully savvy retailers will offer other shojo manga and related comics to those fans. (Fruit Baskets, Anita Blake…)

  3. My local Barnes and Noble has been advertising “pre-orders” for the graphic novel on the table with all of the Twlight-related stuff.


  4. Sexy Voice and Robo never finished its run? I thought that big collection of it was everything, for some reason. (It’s great, whatever the case). Wikipedia suggests that it’s unfinished by the creator.

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