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§ J.K. Parkin completes his APE report:

So yesterday I declared Kramer’s Ergot 7 the book of the show, but after today I may have to rethink that (or, at the very least, call it a tie). The Totoro Forest Project Book, which benefits the Oscar-winning filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki’s Totoro Forest Foundation, was a big seller at the show.

§ So did this fellow, and he has a fresh outlook:

Today, I went to the Alternative Press Expo. It was my first time and I didn’t really know exactly what it was, only that it had something to do with comic books, though not from the big name companies like Marvel or DC but concentrating more on comics with smaller runs. No pictures unfortunately because I still feel a bit weird about taking pictures of strangers who are not famous.

§ Eddie Campbell is working on a TV show???

the original plan that was put to me was for the production of six five minute short films. However, after initial tentative approaches to a network the producers were encouraged to think on a much bigger scale. Now we were talking about eight half hour episodes, which would involve coming up with a lot of extra material as there are no obvious half hour tv stories in After the Snooter or Fate of the Artist. The possibility of me playing myself was kicked around when it was five minute shows we were talking about, but now it was starting to look complicated.

§ Brian Heater interviews political cartoonist Tim Kreider:

At what point was it clear that you were officially a political cartoonist?

It’s sort of like becoming an alcoholic. There’s not really one moment where you see it coming [laughs]. There’s one point where you realized, ‘this might be a problem.’ I don’t know. I was just ranting on my Website a week ago that I never wanted to be a political cartoonist any more, frankly, than I wanted to be a Web cartoonist. It just happened by default. I think that it’s true of most cartoonists that rage is the raw material for your work.

§ Rick Veitch analyzes Alan Moore’s brain:

I’m convinced that, after many more creative and productive decades, when Alan finally gives up the flesh and joins the transmigration of souls into idea space, a careful study of his remains will reveal that certain areas of the Moore brain, especially those parts associated with imagination, intuition, memory and language, to be far larger than one might expect in the normal human. Perhaps scientists will discover extra arteries pumping an enhanced blood flow to those cranial regions or some enzyme that promotes rich neuron growth. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they come upon some sort of new and bizarre mutation in the formation of the lobes.

§ Jessica Abel talks LOVE & ROCKETS on Studio 360.:

§ Dave Gibbons was on Fox News, but we love him anyway.

§ Christopher Bolton informs us that next week, the Powells Books blog will feature several Dark Horse artists:

Chris Onstad (“Achewood: The Great Outdoor Fight”)
Mitch Clem (“Nothing Nice To Say”)
Scott Meyer (“Help Is On the Way: A Collection of Basic Instructions”)
Keith Knight (“The Complete K Chronicles”)
Jesse Reklaw (“The Night Of Your Life: A Slow Wave Production”)

And the following week we’ll be featuring five artists from Top Shelf: Bill Kelter (“Veeps”)
James Kochalka (“American Elf”)
Jeff Lemire (“Essex County”)
Alex Robinson (“Too Cool to be Forgotten”)
Nate Powell (“Swallow Me Whole”)

§ Gridskipper looks at NYC comics shops. Midtown probably won’t be that happy with their listing, but it sure was funny.

§ Fun fact: America has already had a black president, in a 1964 comic book called PETTIGREW FOR PRESIDENT.

  1. Got many favorable responses to the new Deposit Man: Playgod book. Few bought it on impulse just for the cover itself – which indicates that I’m finally moving in the right direction with this series. Sales sucked overall – but this new issue was the best seller for me (12 copies).

    The world might have trembled – since there was a downpour of rain that kept the throes of potential customers away until Saturday mid-afternoon. Now I’m wondering if that was my fault

    I should have mentioned that I gave out a special eight page preview of what’s coming up in Playgod: Act 2 in which Henry Miller in the afterlife team ups with the Deposit Man in battling the demonic forces of flapgirls taking over Heaven led by the spirit of Josephine Baker – that should make anyone fall right into the crack itself.

    Thanks to other regular Beat commenter, Oliver in getting that out in time for the show.



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