§ Y assault continues unabated: CBR visits Pia Guerra’s studio. Zack Smith interviews Guerra. BKV in WSJ.. LA City Beat has a story on the Y The Last Party benefit for the CBLDF. Whew.

§ In other major media comics news, the AP story on the New Cap hits everywhere.

§ Neil Kleid points out that this year’s New York Comic-COn takes place over Passover, and he isn’t happy. [Thanks, Lea.]

§ The PLAIN Janes by Castellucci and Rugg has won a spot on the 2008 Amelia Bloomer List of recommended feminist books for young readers.


§ David Chelsea writes to alert us that his 9th 24 Hour Comic has been posted online:

l have finally stuck a toe into the 21st Century by posting a comic online myself….There are still a few glitches- l think the slideshow plays backwards- but if all works well I may post some other unpublished comics to the site. If anyone’s counting, this is my ninth 24 Hour Comic- a World Record until someone tells me different.

§ A note in the Steve Rude newsletter reveals that Nexus 100 has been delayed yet again by a printers error, although it should be only an extra week.


  1. Neil Kleid’s post disturbs me. Is he arguing over moralistic and Judaic(sp) complaints, monetary woes or creator availability.

    I think his point is muddied by the fact that he takes a legitimate complaint and lessens it by bringing in the idea that the setup for the con is somehow based in anti-Semitism.

  2. For what it’s worth, New York Comic Con Director Lance Festerman has posted a response, confirming that decision to scheduling the convention on Passover was deemed the best of a number of poor options as that was the only date where enough space was available at the convention center.

    Also, I don’t really think Kleid is implying any real anti-Semitism on the part of the organizers. I take him at his word when he says that he understands that the convention meant no dissrespect or malice. (He does express doubts that a convention would similarly schedule a convention on top of Christmas or Easter, but although I don’t know that I agree with that, I don’t necessarily think that rises to the level of charging the show with anti-Semitism.)

    Klein basically just seems to be calling attention to how unfortunate and regrettable the shceudling is, and insofar as that’s what he’s doing, there doesn’t seem to be much wrong with that.

  3. For what it’s worth, I don’t think I’ve ever used the words ‘anti semite’ or any form thereof except poking fun at friends of mine who know I’m using it tongue in cheekly.

    I had my bit to say, the con director explained their reasons, and that’s that. What everyone else thinks of me (that I’m whining, kvetching etcetra) it their opinion and they’re welcome to it.

  4. Thanks for replying Neil. Yeah, I read Lance’s response here and I know using the anti-semite term was strong, but your post seemed to have those undercurrents without really saying it.

    That’s all, I respect everyone’s opinion as well, hopefully no harsh feelings.

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