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Kibbles ‘n’ Bits


§ Todd Allen continues his dispassionate look at the current web comics scene, with ann examination of Marvel’s Online DCU, and just how Zuda and ComicsMix may actually make money. Always worth a read.

§ The Monkey Day site is petitioning web comics for support. What are you waiting for? How do we sign up?

A general call to arms for web comic support of Monkey Day is in progress. Any and all cartoonists are being asked to do their part in promoting monkeys in support of this upcoming Monkey Day. Not familar with Monkey Day? Go here for the Monkey Day FAQ. Read on for the comic submission details…

§ Steve Bissette dreams at Neil Gaiman’s house:

I drift and dream of this and that — at one point wandering backstreets of a large town synthesis of Wilmington, Brattleboro (VT) and Dover (NJ), my old Kubert School digs. Maia and Dan are having a BBQ with crocodiles and three people I don’t know, eating something wrapped in huge leaves; I wander down the street, and at one point cut through someone’s front room to get to the parallel street on the other side. From over a high 15-foot wooden fence, I hear a familiar voice, so I climb up and hang my arms over the top of the wall to chat. Marc Vargas, now thicker (as are we all) but dapper as ever, extols the merits of some new charcoal-based shower system; is he trying to sell me one?

§ And this is from one of his FANS.

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