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§ The Bridgewater PBA Local 174 is having a benefit art auction, organized by police officer and sometime comics writer Chris White. The all-star contributing lineup includes EVERYONE from Erik Larsen to Travis Charest to David Petersen. Check out all the art here. Abovem Dick Tracy by Joe Staton. [Via]

§ Fantagraphics seeks a publicity and marketing intern.

§ Editing is hard: Marvel and DC make many, many changes in their announced creative teams.

§ Yet another adaptation of a YA novel series could possibly con non-comics readers into buying a comic as Th3rd World adapts Cassandra Claire’s MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series:

Nicole Virella, a young New York artist whose watercolor comics were exhibited this summer next to the work of David Mazzuchelli, gets her first real break into comics this summer on The Mortal Instruments from Th3rd World Studios.

“I was very excited, especially since the story is set in New York City,” Virella said of her reaction to getting the job. “Being a fan of the Buffy series, I love creatures of lore, so I couldn’t wait to start creating the look for The Mortal Instruments series.”

§ John Hogan interviews John Pham. who has a new issue of SUBLIFE out.

§ Brian Heater continues to interview Eddie Campbell, so you know that’s got some good stuff in it.

§ The Guardian catches on: Jonathan Ross starts new career as comic book author. If comic book author is the preferred job choice for deposed chat show hosts, maybe Conan O’Brien will follow suit?

§ Sad news: Guy Ritchie is not going to direct the Lobo movie. That would have been manly, but he’s more set on getting out the sure-to-be-blockbuster SHERLOCK HOLMES 2.


  1. Fantagraphics seeks a publicity and marketing intern: it’s that unpaid stuff again, but only part time and a foot in the door I suppose.

  2. What?!?! They’re not paying their intern?!?!? Hmm, perhaps Johanna Draper should not review Fantagraphics books anymore!!!! (*smile*)

  3. Like I said in the Bluewater post… partner with an art school and give the kids school credit and some experience. (Doesn’t the School of Cartoon Studies do something like this with the Hyperion biographies?)

  4. Unpaid internships for REPUTABLE COMPANIES are an established way to pay your dues. Look at what it did for Gerard Way!

    NO one is saying you don’t have to eat some shit and pay your dues before you get a big break. Based on the Bluewater emails I’ve been getting, however, people need to understand that “paying your dues” is not synonymous with “getting ripped off big time.”


  5. Ugh. It makes me sick that Cassie Claire is actually getting rich and famous. She was once a fanfic writer in Harry Potter fandom–her “writing” consisted of stealing dialogue from TV shows and trying to pass it off as her own. I hope her publisher realizes that she’s a known plagiarist and makes sure that her published work is actually hers.

  6. It’s not polite to take personal arguments with bloggers to other blogs. I’m naming no names, but you know who you are.

    Unpaid internships are a staple of a few industries, but seems to be very prevalent in publishing. I know someone who stated as an intern and i making quite a career from it. Internships are akin to apprenticeships.

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