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Kibbles ‘n’ Bits — 12/18/09



The art becomes blocky, ugly computer generated stuff, and within four pages the characters have met God. God takes them skinny-dipping at the dawn of time, and then the rest of the series is devoted to Jemas’ creationist-lite beliefs about the dawn of man, which involve Wolverine, the first human.

It is hard to know which sentence from Comics Alliance’s description of MARVILLE in their The 15 Worst Comics of the Decade, Part 1 is the most mighty. Truly, there were some great moments in infamy in the ’00s. Can’t wait for part 2!

§ The folks at The Hooded Utilitarian are holding a Ghost World Roundtable You’ll find links to posts by kinukitty, Charles Reece, Richard Cook, and Noah Berlatsky in the above link. BUT ALSO SEE
Shaenon Garrity’s take.

§ We did not know that A WIZARD’S TALE by Kurt Busiek and David T. Wenzel was coming back into print.

§ Marvel’s destruction of a Chicago landmark in a comic book draws local media attention. BUt even in fiction there are limits:

“My first choice was to blow up Wrigley Field,” he says. “[Marvel Comics Editor in Chief] Joe Quesada is so in love with baseball, he couldn’t imagine blowing it up.”


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• Finally, Newsday is now behind a paywall, but before they slammed the door shut, screaming “This isn’t a library!”, we managed to see that their 10 favorite books of 2009 included ASTERIOS POLYP.

Oh, and the boys of Comic Book Club did it with video!

§ Sort of related: Comics Should Be Good continues its reader-chosen survey of the Top 100 Comic Book Storylines and they are up to #3: “The Hollow Man” by Brian K. Vaughan, Lee Ferguson, and Norm Rapmund (X-Men Icons: Chamber #1-4). Now who saw THAT ONE coming!

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  1. So they blew it up… big deal. Remember the Baxter Building? Located near Grand Central Terminal? Dr. Doom II took it into orbit and destroyed it.

    Before that, Byrne had Terrax take all of Manhattan into orbit, then he depressurized the top ten or so floors of the World Trade Center.

    And we shall not mention Hercules returning Manhattan, but placing it backwards.

    Peter Sanderson would know more about the destruction of New York landmarks, as he’s written “The Marvel Comics Guide to New York City”.

    Yeah, us New Yorkers are pretty jaded… so the Statue of Liberty gets damaged by some super villain… Damage Control will repair it. I guess when it happens in the Second (actually THIRD) City, it’s news.

    Me, if I were in charge of that group of villains, I’d take out Spaceship Earth at Epcot Center. Picture that giant golf ball with a big smoking hole in the side. Everybody’s been there, it’s internationally known, it’ll wreck tourism… eh… Bendis missed his chance by not turning Atalan into a superhero sanctuary during Civil War, so of course he wouldn’t think of a tourist hot spot as a dramatic prelude. (Yeah, I know… Papa Mouse wouldn’t allow Marvel…)

  2. I’m still bummed about Dan Jurgens having an alien smash up downtown Minneapolis in an issue of (the original) Booster Gold series…

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