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Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 11/9/09


§ Let’s kick this week off with Kevin Huizenga draws Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty, drawn for the Famous Fictional Villains show in St. Louis.

§ Bendis Twitter Revelations! Sean T. Collins is there to round them up.

§ Guess the French really do read comics.

§ A young Taiwanese woman named Hu Jia-wei has created a sensationally popular blog/webcomic called Wanwan (left).

§ Regional differences: Two women in New York have created a sex ed comic. While in Kentucky, siblings Joshua and Jacob Hicks are creating Christian-themed comics. Put it all together and you get — oh, let’s not go there.

§ A couple of ComICA reports from Bleeding Cool: The Black Powers Panel In Pictures By Liban Diriye and Rich Johnston on a panel on early English comics shops and conventions.

§ Rick Veitch is collaborating with poet Peter Money for some very very odd stuff.

§ Larry Marder remembers anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss who died last week at the age of 100.

I drive my friends crazy as I poke around looking for the underlying structure of films TV shows, books, and comics. It was through Levi-Strauss that I discovered the structure of the Grail Myth which can be summarized as this: The bumpkin must prove himself worthy to be in the presence of great the Grail’s enormous power.

So that can be Parsifal not asking the Fisher King what the Horn of Plenty is, Dorothy not asking what all the excitement is about regarding the Ruby slippers, or Luke Skywalker flipping up the mechanical gun sight and trusting the Force.

§ Scott McCloud and his commenters regard the “crap” that fills many online comics interfaces.

§ Gerry Giovinco wrote to tell of us a Robotech reunion this weekend in King of Prussia (above):

25 years after the 1984 publication of Macross #1 which would become ROBOTECH The Macross Saga with issue #2, Comico and current CO2 publisher Gerry Giovinco along with artists, Mike Leeke, Neil Vokes and Chris Kalnick, who all also feature work on the CO2 Comics web site, gathered together as guests for a ROBOTECH panel discussion hosted by Harmony Gold Creative Director, Tommy Yune.

§ This mysterious article claims that Bluewater’s Stephenie Meyer bio is topping the charts:

According to one source, sales of the issue are already skyrocketing – with a reported 12,000 copies already – to the point where they’re topping the charts for the month of November, and it hasn’t even be released yet!

Hm. Should Green Lantern be worrying?

§ In case you are falling behind on reading your comics tweets, iFanboy has used the newlist feature to put together a bunch of comics Twitters lists. [Via J.K. Parkin]

  1. re: Rich’s article on the French thing, I see the cover has the Soleil name to it. Since Marvel already puts out some books, I wonder, what that company or person is? Is it a French Publisher? And it would be kinda weird/sad to have that connection there.

  2. Yep, Soleil is a French Publisher. And the comparison to Marvel is far from being wrong. In a way, all those bestsellers are like “X-Men” and “Spider-Man” for the americain comic book landscape.

    Let’s see:
    – Asterix & Obelix: it’s been some 5 or 10 volumes since the series is not very good but people buy it because they are used to.
    – Naruto Vol 44: manga bought by 12 year old boys, some even younger or older …
    – Happy Sex: Zep, his author, is quite famous for his comical series Titeuf. It’s not that surprising that it’s a huge success. He also has written and drawn a sex guide that everyone can read. The book even had a exhibition in Paris.
    – XIII Mystery Vol 2: a series that should have been wrapped in 13 volumes but that still goes on as it’s a good opportunity to make some money.
    – Les forêts d’Opale, t. 6 : Actually don’t know that one. But Arleston is kind of a Bendis equivalent, in heroic fantasy that is. ;)

    “Arleston is considered the most likely candidate to take over writing the Asterix books.”
    -> Well, at least, he is a comic book writer. Hopefully, we don’t have a celebrity or a stand-up comedian to write that book …

  3. Re: the “siblings create Christian comics” article:

    No real opinion on the subject of the article, but I really, really HATE it when articles about comics start off with crap like this:

    “They don’t actually jump through the air, battle others with swords or try to save the world from the worst that could ever happen.

    But Joshua and Jacob Hicks have created characters who do just that, and local residents can find their comic books at Hometown Variety and Gifts on Second Street.”

    I mean, jeez. It’s just stupid.

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