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Kibbles ‘n’ Bits – 1/18/2010


3-day weekend reading edition:

§ Dan Nadel writes of the romance of Alex Raymond who knew how to draw, all right.

§ Brigid Alverson walks around the ALA (American Library Association) meeting and reports on graphic novel activity there. We were wondering what Tintin Pantoja was doing.

§ If you want to know what happened at the Golden Globes, Amanda Palmer has pictures from the ladies room on her Twitter feed. Plus, she totally picked the dress we thought she should pick.

§ We already twittered this, but Sir Paul McCartney’s writers had the best line at the Globes: “Animation is not just for children — it is also for adults who take drugs.” Schwarzenegger’s lauding of the groundbreaking film “Avadar” was the second best.


§ Inkstuds talks to multi-talented Jason T Miles.

§ Geoff Boucher has a brief interview with Bill Wilingham

BW: That’s funny. Yeah, things do feed on each other and the only justification for that is, “Can you do something new and interesting with it?” And if you have, then you don’t … no need to apologize, and if you’ve failed, then you’ve probably already as a story regardless, so who cares what influenced you to go fail so wonderfully.

§ Tom Spurgeon has a long interview with IDW president Ted Adams who isn’t interviewed very often, but who knows an awful lot about the comics business, having worked for a ton of them before setting up his own. We’ll resist the urge to pullquote, but it does touch on IDW’s strength in licensing and e-comics, and their weaknesses in publicity, as well as the role of owner IDT.
§ The Comics Journal is reprinting a long interview of the late David Levine by Gary Groth.

§ Speaking of IDW, some bloggers are puzzled by their hiring Orson Scott Card, a well-publicized critic of homosoxuality, to write an adaptation of a video game with many gay characters.

§ One of the things we don’t have time to do lately is monitor the Very Amusing Statements of Mark Miller, but fortunately, Rich Johnston has taken on the task, and if you don’t know what we’re talking about, here’s a great example, in which Millar managed to imply that Martin Scorsese might direct a film based on a Mark Millar comic.

§ A few people noticed that the Best Online Criticism list listed last week lacked much representation of manga criticism and criticism by women. Well, here’s a list on 5 Female Voices in Manga Criticism .

Related: Brigid Alverson reveals that she was also asked to judge, but couldn’t because of time constraints, and lists her picks.

§ Shaenon Garrity on Kavalier & Clay

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