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Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 11/15/13: I’ll cry if I want to


§ First off, a bunch of Filipino comics artists, including Leinil Francis Yu, Gerry Alanguilan, JB Casacop, Allen Geneta, and Mico Suayan have started an eBay auction to benefit victims of Typhoon Haiyan which has killed 2,390 and affected 11 million people.

§ I had a good time last night at Dare2Draw, and interviewed Bill Sienkiewicz for a bit. That is always a highlight of any day. Here he is talking to the gathered artists. Dare2Draw is a life drawing class that focuses on comics poses and topics. It’s developed into a nice community of artists who are learning and growing together. At the end of the night, Bill, Shane Davis and I were judges in the art contest. The subject was “Horse” and the winner got a Wacom. I didn’t catch her name, but she practically cried when she won, and it was nice. Amy Reeder also gave a presentation.

§ Someone sent me a link to to social media platform called replyall.me where you can “broadcast a conversation.” It is sort of what we used to call a “message board” but has nicer fonts. Anyway, some folks are doing a reread of CEREBUS. Here’s Church and State, and you can follow the links back from there.

§ Mary Kinney examines Homestuck.

§ Everyone knows about Columbia University’s extensive graphic novel collection, headed by Karen Green. But downtown, NYU also has a comics collection!

In 2008, Bobst began collecting graphic novels and comics under the leadership of librarians John Tofanelli and Chad Curtis. Though the library housed a small number of works before, the now-extensive collection allows students to take a punchy, artistic approach to any academic pursuit.

§ LA’s Paley Center is hosting an exhibition of Juan Ortiz’s Star Trek art

§ Yet another mystery person is haunting a city in England, following the Northhampton Clown. This time it’s the Green Lady of Birmingham.

§ OH WAIT–it was solved! It was some lady who wanted people to ride bikes more. You should have held out longer, lady.

§ In yet another mystery, a horrifying Wonder Twins movie poster baffled Midtown Comics.

§ And just for me, young hotties Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen.


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