exitwounds§ One great cartoonist analyzes another, as Eddie Campbell looks at Rutu Modan’s EXIT WOUNDS…

In Exit Wounds Rutu Modan gives me something that’s getting harder to find in my ‘graphic novel’ reading. That is, she’s telling me something I don’t already know. It’s set in an actual place I’ve never been to, and the characters are involved in plausible actions that are outside of my experience. They are investigating whether the father of one of them has been the victim of a terrorist bombing, and whether he is the ‘John Doe’ in a hastily dug grave at the cemetery. While they’re there, an unrelated body is being exhumed with, much family ceremony further along the line, due to a similar discovery.

§ Mark Evanier has a thoughtful look at the evolving role of the comics artist, through the lens of the late George Tuska’s 60+year career:

Obviously, younger folks who write and draw comics have some of the same motives but it was different with guys of Jack’s (and George’s) era, men who’d grown up in the Depression and at a time when few imagined the stardom and rewards that would one day come with being a top comic book creator. One of the many ways it was different — and I’m going to leave Kirby aside here because he was always in his own special category — is that the George Tuskas of the world did their work with little to no clout, power or say-so in what they created or what happened to it.

Based on some of the stories we’ve heard over the last week or so, we’d suggest that not all artists have as much clout and say-so as they should, even these days, but it has improved a great deal since the sweatshop days, to be sure.

§ Dave Roman is giving away magazines.

§ J. Caleb Mozzocco dives into “the most popular superhero of the day” Deadpool, and we got exhausted just scrolling to the end of the post, so you can imagine how he feels.

§ Disturbing cartoon nudity. Warning: once seen, it cannot be unseen.


§ Ditto for what Chris Sims dubs The Worst Sex Scene in Comics. A remix above, but you’ll need to click the link for the original single.


  1. oh man, that Marge Simpson stuff was disturbing!! O.o

    I don’t even know why Matt would do this anyways, given there’s ‘better’ Simpson porn on the net anyways, and this was just weird and not all nude, unless there’s more?

    On the Rawbone thing, yes, their ‘take’ on it was very funny! :D But I actually very much liked the series for all it’s craziness. I for one, appreciated that it took on some seriousness and adult entertainment for some genre that people these days usually write off (and write) as some sort of kiddie faire and don’t take into account the horrible real world conditions and people of the time of this type of piracy.