§ Laura Hudson previews the just out COMIC FOUNDRY #4 with The Quotable Comic Foundry:

“I didn’t so much become a Muslim as discover I already was one. There is a passage in the Koran that describes a very personal belief I held growing up, one I had never articulated to anyone, and there it was spelled out in this 1,400-year-old document. That, let me tell you, was like getting hit in the face with a shovel. Nothing was the same afterwards.”
-G. Willow Wilson

Ellsposter~0§ J.K. Parkin interviews Faith Erin Hicks on her just-released THE WAR AT ELLSMERE:

JK: When did you decide you wanted to make comics for a living?

Faith: I … uh, don’t yet make comics for a living. Maybe someday! That’s a question I ask any full-time cartoonist I happen to bump into: how do you make a living wage doing this? So far the answers have been varied. And the term “living wage” gets me laughed at a lot. Not many make a living wage.

§ Darcey McLaughlin at the Miramichi Leader looks at the top five Native American characters in comics:

In fact, there is a great book called Native Americans in Comic Books by Michael A. Sheyahshe that takes a critical look at the role of Natives in comics. Well worth the read.

Still, there are some great Native characters out there that many people may not know about. So today I thought we’d take a look at five of those characters.

§ They are casting for a comic book movie in Guam.


  1. The War at Ellsmere isn’t out yet (it’s in Previews now)! I just finished it today, actually. It should be out December 3rd, barring some sort of disaster or giant robot stepping on the SLG offices…

  2. While it’s true that the article is titled “the top five,” the article proper makes it sound like McLaughlin just picked five examples from the book at random.

    He also states that Shaman is the only “Canadian First Nations” example. I find it hard to conceive that the book reviewed doesn’t mention Shaman’s superheroic daughter Talisman, who would also be at least partly of Canadian-Indian extraction. I personally would put her on the list of my top five as I think she was better-designed and a good deal less dull than Shaman.

    “Hawk,” despite his stereotypical name, was another good one, from the Russell/McGregor WAR OF THE WORLDS.

  3. How can someone talk about Native Americans in comics, and completely leave out one of the few comics where the cast is 90% Native American? I am referring to ‘Scalped’, by Jason Aaron and R.M. Guera published by DC’s Vertigo imprint.