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Kevin Huizenga explains the origin of Glenn Ganges and more


Huizenga’s work is so weightless in effect and weighty in substance, it’s interesting to hear him talk about his work process:

I don’t want to explore something like “Science vs. Faith” in my work, though it may seem this way. My stories have involved scientists and clergymen and they seem to be in conflict — as well as the conflict over the explanation of the red harvest moon. I’m not interested in questions of “either/or” or even “both.” We have these kinds of discussions going on right now in America because some religious conservatives are trying to fight the teaching of evolution in Biology in our schools. I’m interested in a dense visual presentation of information — whether this is religious, poetic, or scientific, it doesn’t matter to me. I’m mostly trying to tell an interesting story — and then because it’s a comic strip, I want the drawings to be complex and suggest the complexity of reality. I love diagrams. Secondly I’m interested in putting this information in a story with characters. I’d say I’m more interested in the characters who might be interested in these questions than the questions themselves.

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