200811200337Controversial cartoonist Keith Knight visited the University of Arizona and talked about his recent, controversial cartoon which contained “the ‘n’ word”, in a story that seems to be confronting many issues which are not being named directly:

“What makes this strip effective is the truth behind it,” says Knight. The comic strip that brought him to Tucson in the first place ran in the Daily Wildcat back on November 5th. The comic shows a political canvasser asking a woman who she and her husband are voting for. The husband answers by saying that they’re voting for the “N” word.

When the strip first ran, it caused an uproar, but Knight says he drew the strip based on someone’s personal account. “Wow, if this couple, who are willing to call this guy the worst thing that he could be called, and elect him to be the most powerful person in the world,” says Knight.