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Kate Beaton Announces Fat Pony project with Scholastic


This was an announcement Heidi told me about at the convention with perhaps the most excitement I’ve ever seen present within a human person at any singular point in time. As revealed in interview with Laura Hudson at Wired, Kate Beaton has announced a new project with publishers Scholastic – which will be about her ‘fat pony’ character, who’ll soon be the star of a new picture book.

Fat Pony is a recurring character many will recognise from the image above – it’s just as you’d expect, a pony with a bit of a weight problem and a sticky-out tongue. It’s probably one of the most well-known jokes from Beaton’s Hark! A Vagrant series, usually showing up to annoy whichever Princess it’s been made a gift of to. Which, in fact, is what this story will be about:

The book is about a little warrior princess who is given a silly looking pony on her birthday, and it’s not exactly what she wanted … So [the story] is about finding value in something unexpected

Pony will be featured in the book, although the princess is the true protagonist of the story. She’ll be a warrior princess – like many of the best princesses tend to be – who finds the pony embarrassing to begin with. Over time, perhaps that attitude will change?

Beaton’s output has been a little guarded recently, with a more occasional updating schedule over on her website. The news that she’s come back to illustration is thoroughly exciting indeed. And also? She’s just been announced as a guest for Thought Bubble! Blimey.



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