Part1Panel1Bob at Four Realities reports on last nights Bryan Talbot talk in Toronto:

Most of his presentation then looked at individual pages of the new book and discussed how they fit into the larger picture of either the history of Sunderland, the history of Carroll or the history of comics, occasionally adding some details and anecdotes that didn’t make it into the book. He also talks a bit about his work process and artistic choices, like where he deliberately evokes the styles of some older comics as it seems appropriate for the scene (Jack Kirby for the Battle of Hastings, Herge’s TINTIN for his trip to Morocco, 1950s “Boy’s Own” British comics for the heroic tale of Jack Crawford, Sir John Tenniel at various times, of course, like the adaptation of “Jabberwocky”). He also talks a bit about his artistic process in this book, which is heavily based in digital manipulation of images to get various effects, with a step-by-step look at how he took an image of the boat that Alice Liddell travelled to America on, added waves, smoke and birds and tinted it for final use. Some other interesting anecdotes on the production include how he got permission for use of photos of the Bayeux Tapestry with some product placement and how he sampled the colouring of some old comics to make the Jack Kirby inspired segment more authentic. There are several dozen interesting asides like that.

Plus, Everyone has been linking to this review of ALICE IN SUNDERLAND done in the style of the book and so will we.


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