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Julie Newmar wants to be YOUR spokesperson


Former Catwoman Julie Newmar, who is 74, would like more gigs as a spokesperson, so she took out an ad.

We say she deserves a role in some superhero movie!

[Via Jezebel]


  1. I vote for Julie Newmar to be cast as the Golden-Age Black Canary (if she should appear in a movie with her grown daughter, the modern Black Canary).

  2. She’s absolutely beautiful in person; I met her a few years ago at NoviCon (near Detroit). I hope I have her energy and spirit when I hit her age …

  3. I’ve always preferrrrred Eartha Kitt (especially after I learned about her appearance at the White House). She still performs live!

    And there are many women who have aged gracefully. Raquel Welch. Sophia Loren. Elizabeth Taylor (well, she’s had trouble recently, but after her weight loss, and those violet eyes!)

    Hmmm… any way to get Eartha Kitt, Lee Meriwether, and Julie Newmar together for a movie? Maybe throw in Yvonne Craig as the villain? Maybe Debra Winger and Cloris Leachman as cameos? Sorry… starting to geek out…

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