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Jonny Rench remembered


The Wildstorm blog has a series of tributes to colorists Jonny Rench who died over the weekend at the age of 28. Among those he worked with, Neil Goodge, Liam Sharp, Trevor Hairsine, and this from Gail SImone, whose Welcome to Tranquility series he colored:

One of the strange things about comics is that you end up collaborating fairly closely with people you may never meet. I often think of colorists as the soundtrack composers for comics, because they add to the mood and tone and tension immeasurably. And if they do their job right, they stir the emotions brilliantly without the audience even being aware that they are the ones doing it, so seamless is their craft.

Jonny Rench is someone I never met who wrote beautiful music for comics, gorgeous somber tones for heart-wrenching scenes, and thrilling bombastic movements for action sequences. He had the three gifts that separate a great colorist from a competent one; a great eye for the needs of a scene, impeccable taste, and above all, a passion for his art.

We’ll miss those gifts, Jonny.

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