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Although he’s been rumored to be attached to several, Johnny Depp has yet to actually star in a superhero comic book movie — yes, yes, he did star in FROM HELL, but that was long before it was fashionable. He’s also been attached to some in development, like REX MUNDI. In an interview with Geoff Boucher, Depp reveals that he outgrew comics at an early age, preferring the rock ‘n’ roll thing (i.e. girls.) However before he moved on, he did become attached to Prince Namor.

Namor is great. There was this strange double edge to the guy. And there was also something about living underwater that I liked a lot.

As excuse to find pictures of Namor (by Marko Djurdjevic) and Johnny Depp? Why not.
namor Djurdjevic


  1. Super hero. Comic book. It’s all the same thing, riiiiight? >:)

    Also, I forgot about Rex Mundi. That’d be great. It’s like the Da Vinci Code, but not crappy and utilizing alternate history.

  2. Depp totally has the look for Namor, but it could be a hard role for him. He really can’t be funny at all. Namor has no sense of humor. He could do it. I know he could do it. He’d just need to restrain himself.

    It is a very interesting idea. Namor is one of those strange characters. He’s the comics fan’s character. We all know he’s an amazing character and he just keeps cropping up in Marvel’s work, but the general public has no clue about him.

    Kind of like IRON MAN, and that franchise has done pretty okay.

    Yeah… I’d dig a JD NAMOR flick. Definitely.

  3. Wait, Depp’s not saying he’d like to play Namor, is he? He just likes the character.

    But never mind that, the article also mentions that Clint Fucking Eastwood likes Namor. I don’t care if he’s 80, I would pay good money to see Clint as Namor.