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John Leguizamo launches PhenomX through Seed&Spark

John Leguizamo returns to comics with a new Latinx superhero


Fresh from his hit stage show Latin History for Morons, actor/comedian John Leguizamo announced through Seed&Spark.com on Twitter that he is launching a new crowdfunding campaign for his creator-owned project PhenomX.

While Leguizamo has written before in Ghetto Klown, an adaptation of his one-man Broadway show, this completely new and original project will be crowdfunded on Seed&Spark.com, which will be their first comic book campaign. As most comics are a collective effort, he will be teaming up with comic veterans like Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, Chris Batista, Jim Muñiz, Jose Marzan, Juan Fernandez, Emilio Lopez, and Dexter Vines to tell the story of Max Gomez aka PhenomX, an ex-con looking to use his new powers for the community he’s from.

This project has launched and is looking to be completely funded in 30 days on Seed&Spark.com. For more information follow John Leguizamo on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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