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Joe Giella artwork stolen


Golden/Silver age artist Joe Giella, who worked for Fawcett in the Golden Age and inked things like Gil Kane’s Green Lantern in the Silver age, has had some artwork stolen. Jim Amash reports that “A certain person Joe Giella trusted apparently stole a few pieces of original comic art from his house, mostly likely on Sept. 7 and Oct. 13 of this year.  We want to get the word out so that anyone who may have already purchased this work or may be contacted about it will know it’s considered stolen property, and hopefully will help get Joe’s artwork back to him. A police report has been filed in the case, but spreading the word to the comics art community is absolutely vital.”

The stolen art includes:

FLASH #144, “Menace of the Man Missile”, pages 1 and 9. Pencils by Carmine Infantino.

DETECTIVE COMICS #329, “Castle with Wall to Wall Danger”, pages 7 and 8. Pencils by Carmine Infantino

GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW #107 cover. Pencils by Joe Staton.

The thief may have robbed another veteran artist as well.

  1. Worth-reading piece of write-up for Joe Giella .I’d appreciate to know more about some popular comic books from your side. Useful information shared. I am very happy to read this story.Fantastic walk-through.

  2. Recently, I’ve been on a Gil Kane kick, well I’ve been on a Gil Kane kick since he drew Spider-Man in the Savage land with Kazar in the 70’s, and I am going through the Green Lantern Showcases. And, boy oh boy, Joe’s inking over Kane is a sight to behold. Pristine brush work indeed! I hope he gets his art back.

  3. Joe Giella recently contacted the Nassau County, NY Police Department in regards to the following missing [and presumed stolen] artwork… the list isas follows:

    Silver Age Flash # 144 pages 1 & 9;
    Detective Comics #329 pages 7 & 8;
    Green Lantern 107 Cover.

    The loss is put at approximately $12,000.00. Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated, and anyone with any information can either contact Nassau County NY Crime Stoppers at 1-800-244 TIPS[1-800-244-8477], or Det. O’Connor @ JOCONNOR@PDCN.ORG

  4. Why would someone want to steal something like this?? What does this person possibly think they can do with these one-of-a-kind pieces?? Please return these or provide help if you can!

  5. Nassau County cops are on the case?!? Kiss those babies GOODBYE.

    Those flatfoot’s couldn’t find their @$$ if they had their hands in the back pockets and a map…

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