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Joan Hilty launches website, relaunches webcomic


Before she was a much admired editor at DC and Vertigo, Joan Hilty was a talented cartoonist, and somehow she managed to keep both running for nearly a decade. She’s just launched JoanHilty.net to showcase all her skills. The site includes new episodes of her strip Bitter Girl, excerpt above.

Archives of Bitter Girl, which Hilty has been drawing since 1998, are on the site. And just as a reminder that there are still printed alternative comic strips (although not many since the lines between traditional and alternative have blurred so much), the strip is running in six LGBT papers.

  1. Having taught Joan virtually everything she knows (except the gay part) I am very pleased to see her showcasing her immense talents online. I even plan to eventually visit her site someday… when I have nothing else to do.

    GO, JOANNIE!!!!!

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