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Jim Woodring’s giant PEN to enlighten us all!


We’ve done it!

Jim Woodring’s giant steel dip pen — to be used for drawing demonstrations and healing the lame — has been funded!

Plans are underway, and Woodring has moves to the next phase: How The Giant Pen Will Work.

The pen will have to be kept level until the stroke is ready to be applied. Before the stroke starts the tines will be primed with a brush. The pen will be tilted until the ink flows onto the paper, and then the flow will be controlled by tilting the pen to let more or less ink flow into the line, as determined by the nature of the line desired.

Lets face it, there are a lot of problems in this country right now, and very few people who seem able, or willing, to solve them. But Jim Woodring’s Giant Steel Dip Pen may be just the things to save us all.


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