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Jim Lee’s BATMAN v SUPERMAN graces the cover of Empire


Over the next eight weeks, you can expect a cavalcade of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice promos and interviews and articles and whatever else the internet is able to throw at you.

I’ll surely ignore most of it after this point, as I think often movie marketing hits the point of negative returns after the second trailer (and the assorted frame by frame analyses that follow). The most recent Batman v Superman trailer said really all that needed to be said before the movie opens, but I’m sure WB/DC wants to rule the promotional airwaves to insure their investment and what they hope will be a billion dollar strategy.

But I liked this Empire cover, illustrated by DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee, which is a variant on the newstand cover for subscribers. I have a real affinity for Lee’s work at times, particularly in isolation. I quite like his rendering of the mecha-Batsuit especially.

For those who want a little more spoilery details, this picture popped up yesterday, but this is the high quality version:

Presumably this is some sort of dream-state that Bruce Wayne finds himself in. How he gets there, who knows? But that symbol on the ground can only mean one thing.


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