JetBlue’s direct flights to San Diego are popular amongst the comics crowd headed to con and we’re on the 9:40 am. Unfortunately, it’s delayed, and we’re stuck at the gate while they put in a new onboard computer. HOWEVER, the Wi-Fi from the terminal reaches all the way out here! For the first time ever, live blogging FROM A PLANE STUCK AT A GATE! The internet is getting more exciting every second.

Sadly, there isn’t that much to blog about when you’re stuck on a plane. Taking a caffeine nap in a bit.


  1. Just be careful with airport WiFi… security is not the best.

    Southwest recently offered $29 and up flights for Autumn (price based on distance traveled), and Amtrak also has some discount fares, for those planning to travel to Baltimore or DC for shows.

    And Heidi…. hardcore bloggers use Treos and Blackberries. Cellphone, camera, web browser, lightweight. Wi-Fi = Where-Fi.

  2. “Taking a caffeine nap in a bit.”

    Egads! I thought I came to a blog, but I seem to have stumbled onto Twitter somehow. ;)

  3. I feel your pain.

    I had a 12-hour travel day to get from baltimore to SD that included mechanical delays and apparently a DUST STORM in Phoenix.

    Now, for a day of Balboa Park, Phil’s BBQ and the Padres.

  4. Have a great time out there, Ace! Remember, lots of water and don’t exhaust yourself. Oh, and if you can drop a name with some prominent publishers and editors it wouldn’t hurt. :)

  5. I left this morning at 8ish – the rain didn’t help at first – but Jet Blue was wonderful – and California is sunny and warm. Huzzah!

  6. Jet Blue non-stop came to my town for one year, Alaska started up a non-stop in response, now they’re both not doing it and I’m back to one-stop shopping. Oh well, we leave in the AM and get there before noon tomorrow! Yay–it’s finally here!