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Jessica Cruz Trains with Kilowog and Faces Star Sapphire in DC SUPER HERO GIRLS


The last few weeks character spotlight videos have been dropping on the official DC Super Hero Girls YouTube Channel as we get closer to an official release date announcement on Cartoon Network.

This week Jessica Cruz, the latest Earthling recruited into the Green Lantern Corps, shines as we get a better idea of what to expect from this animated version of Jessica Cruz.


Those wondering if we’ll see any other GLC members will be most pleased to see Jessica training with everyone’s favorite Bolovaxian drill sergeant Kilowog. Moreover, it appears Jessica won’t be the only GL from Earth to appear in the show as we get a glimpse of Hal Jordan sporting a power ring. It’s not surprising to see Star Sapphire make a brief appearance since the villain was already revealed last summer. Since she was described as the “crazy ex-girlfriend” in the show, it only makes sense that her on-again off-again flame in the comics Hal Jordan be featured in the animated series.

During the Beat’s SDCC coverage last summer, show creator Lauren Faust elaborated on this significantly different interpretation of Cruz.

Because of Jessica Cruz’s “dark and heavy” comic book origin story, Faust admitted that they had to work around and step away from the comics more than the other characters on the show, putting Jessica’s fear in the past. “But we really hope that everybody likes how we’re handling Jessica,” said Faust. “She’s a really fun and interesting character. We’re making her one of our smarter more responsible characters as well. She’s up there with Wonder Woman knowing the right stuff to do. So hopefully it’s not too much of a departure because we like her very much.”

As revealed by Faust on Twitter, Jessica Cruz will be voiced by Myrna Velasco, a relative newcomer in the voiceover industry, who has appeared in some major properties in the last two years including Elena of Avalor and Star Wars Resistance. Rather fitting that a voice actress rising in her career play Jessica Cruz, a character who likewise has been gaining mainstream popularity both in comics and other media since her debut a few years ago.

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