You might not expect to find an interview with Jesse Moynihan up at Newsarama, but he’s got so much cool stuff going on, including FORMING, his visually stunning webcomic retelling the origin of the world via a pan-pantheistic mythology. If all that sounds hopelessly highbrow, he also gets to subvert America’s youth (and stoned adults) as a storyboard artist on Adventure Time. Zack Smith gets him to explain how he does it:

Nrama: How hard is it to keep all those characters straight?

Moynihan: It’s crazy hard! Yeah, I have real panic attacks about it. (laughs) And it’s always changing, so I have to keep on top of it. The comic started out with a couple of ideas, and as I’m going along, I’ll change this part of someone’s thread, and then I’ll have to change all these other threads and the art, week to week. As I’m writing it, I’ll get these new ideas about things, and throw them in, and then I have to change everything.

I get worried that I’m forgetting something, so I have these notebooks filled with updated notes, but they’re not very well-organized. (laughs) I should get a better system, but it’s just all these notebooks out of order, and I have to look through them to keep everything straight. 

The print edition of FORMING is available from AdHouse.


  1. It’s amazing how great Jesse is it such a tender age. Can’t wait for volume two, and I owe it all to my children’s interest in Adventure Time. They love the show, and while researching it I found out about Forming.