IDW announced on Monday that Jennika, the recently revealed first woman mutant ninja turtle, is getting her very own miniseries. Guerrilla creator and Marvel Knights: X-Men artist Brahm Revel will write and draw all three issues of the solo title.

As readers of the series know, Jennika is still getting used to her new body – and so are the people around her, including love interest Casey Jones. Put simply, she’s got a lot going on aside from her entire city being at war. This new miniseries, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Jennika, will dig into some of those elements the main comic doesn’t have the time to. If that’s not enough, Editor Bobby Curnow adds that the series will also feature back-up stories from up and coming comics creators.

According to Revel, the clocks will dial backwards as Jennika’s past is unveiled through a totally new villain. He adds “I’m very excited about the opportunity to revisit Jenn’s past and explore how she’s been handling the recent changes in her life, all while being tested by a world that’s changing just as rapidly as she is.”

Jennika was unveiled just a few months ago in the midst of writer Tom Waltz’ swan song on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It all culminates with the series’ landmark 100th issue and the coinciding passing of the torch to Jennika’s co-creator Sophie Campbell as she takes over.

Along with writing and drawing, Revel will also contribute covers along with variants from Jodie Nishijima and Freddie Williams II (Batman/TMNT), both of which you can check out below. Look for Jennika in her own miniseries beginning in 2020 – and keep an eye out for TMNT #100 on shelves next month.

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