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Jeffrey Brown news: SAVE THE DATE picked up by IFC; Dash Shaw analyzes cats


The Jeffrey Brown-inspired indie film SAVE THE DATE debuted at this year’s Sundance, but didn’t get picked up right away. However, Variety reports, IFC Films has picked it up. The movie follow two sisters (Lizzy Caplan (“Party Down”) and Alison Brie (“Community”)) who have different approaches to romantic commitment, and features art by Brown throughout.

In even more important Jeffrey Brown news, fellow cartoonist Dash Shaw has offered a wonderful analysis of Brown’s cat cartoon books,
including why cat cartoons are so darned popular:

While it may be about love, CAA [“Cat Appreciation Art”] is also like porn, in that it is largely online and in photographic form. Web CAA grew out of pre-internet CAA. YouTube cat videos stem from America’s Funniest Home Videos videos. Online CAA still photos are web versions of cat posters. LOLCats are hacks of the text-image pairings found in dentist office (“Hang in there!”) cat posters. Of course, people have been drawing and photographing cats as long as there have been drawings. And photos. And cats.

  1. Dash Shaw is so awesome. I love to read his analysis of pretty much anything. Hearing him speak is always a treat, too.

  2. I bought the first CHANGEBOTS book for my son a couple of years ago and he loved it. The second CHANGEBOTS book he liked even better. How great is it that cats are my sons favorite animal and scrounging around I found the Jeffery Brown cat books on Amazon. Talk about commercial potential. These books with the right exposure could make Jeffery a very rich man.

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