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Jason Howard’s BIG GIRLS is the Venn diagram of kaiju, JOHN WICK, and 300-foot-tall women

They’re stepping on monster men.


Jason Howard has officially announced his next comic: Big Girls. Published through Image, the Cemetery Beach artist is calling this series the Venn diagram of John Wick, Godzilla, and HBO’s Girls. He went to Twitter with a promotional image on Tuesday, adding that he’ll be writing and drawing the series.


Let’s unpack that. In this universe, Big Girl is a group of women who have devoted their lives to fending off kaiju, who used to be men. Its newest member, Ember, is a 300-foot-tall woman, trying to bury her feelings so she can focus on beating up monsters. Howard tells The Hollywood Reporter that, aside from the charcuterie of tantalizing franchises that inspired this series, Big Girls is also grounded in some real fears.

“The heart of the story really came from me sometimes feeling overwhelmed by the size of the world’s problems, it can seem like the only fix is an equally big solution. Exploring that feeling became the story’s setting, where their problems are literal giant monster men who are destroying the world (science you crazy!). Fortunately, they have an equally giant solution, Big Girls who kick monster butt.”

So what better solution to larger-than-life problems for a creator who grew up with Robotech and Evangelion than Big Girls?

Howard has pretty extensively with Image in the past, not only with Cemetery Beach, but also with Warren Ellis on Trees, and its secondary Trees: Three Fates, as well as The Astounding Wolf-Man with Robert Kirkman.

Big Girls launches on August 12 from Image, and THR has an exclusive preview.

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