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PAINKILLER JANE, the new Sci Fi series based on the Event comics, debuts tonight at 10 pm. According to the website Agent Jane Vasko discovers she has powers of super-healing, and joins a team to ferret out “Neuros”, individuals with superhuman neurological powers.

To prevent a panic, the government has kept the discovery of Neuros a secret, assembling a covert unit to identify and contain Neuros. Operating from a secure abandoned subway platform, the core members of the unit are Andre McBride (Rob Stewart), the seasoned team leader; Connor King (Noah Danby), a special agent regularly armed with a smart remark; Riley Jensen (Sean Owen Roberts), an evolved computer whiz in charge of surveillance and communications; Dr. Seth Carpenter (Stephen Lobo), the unit’s doctor and scientist; Joe Waterman (Nathaniel Deveaux), the middle-aged caretaker of the subway; and Maureen Bowers (Alaina Huffman), Jane’s former DEA partner and friend, who, like Jane, was recruited after discovering top-secret information about Neuros.

The show stars former Terminatrix Kristanna Loken, who sat down with CBR for a chat:

It was when I’d read the pilot and the comic book actually that I really fell in love with the Jane Vasko character. She had a lot of depth to work with. I love the fact that she could heal but not from the emotional or physically pain, which is an interesting concept for me. I liked the back story. I just felt like she was a very rich character and I wanted to make her very real and even though she does have these healing abilities, she doesn’t know why or how or the genesis of when they began so it gives a lot of room to grow in the series as a character.

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JANE co-creator Jimmy Palmiotti is up on the set this week, as a matter of fact — he’s both writing and directing episodes of the show. (We snagged the above photo from his MySpace account.) Asked how things are going, he said:

Things are going great. My episode I wrote is probably he closest thing you will see on the series that resembles the comic and the idea that even the best intentions can go bad. The cast and crew are so into the show I actually have been trouble getting to sleep each night even after working 14 hour days because I’m so excited.


  1. The Actress who played the mind controling Neuro in the pilot ,would make a great nemisis for Jane.Love the look.Beautiful but something very dark going on underneath the surface. Really hope to see her again in future episodes.

  2. The show has been cancelled by Scifi but the fans of this show
    are still writing in to have them reconsider. It was getting better as
    each episode was shown. Also it should be done with the same cast
    or the show won’t be the same

  3. this is one of the most addictive series for my fiance and i yet. we just can’t get enough of it! hope to see many more episodes!!! and i agree with marcia – its just gotta be the same cast! it was hard enough losing Mo!

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