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It’s official! Ben Affleck will be the first director/star of a Batman film


To dig into Heidi’s interests a little bit, they have these things in baseball called Player-managers, where one of the stars of the team ends up running the dugout at the same time. Guys like Ty Cobb, Joe Torre, and Frank Robinson had all held this all too uncommon role. I’m not sure why that went out of style, perhaps something to do with the changing schedule and greater concentration on statistics? Perhaps it was just an assignment that rarely proved successful. Somebody who knows baseball a heck of a lot better than me can answer that question.

Regardless, this is just a cute way of saying that WB/DC Entertainment is getting its own version of this as Ben Affleck will be directing and starring in a standalone Batman film as confirmed by WB Chairman Kevin Tsujihara at tonight’s CinemaCon presentation and The Hollywood Reporter.

Last year, there were numerous reports that Affleck and DC CCO Geoff Johns were working on a Batman script together, and the director of films like The Town and Argo recently confirmed to DC All Access that he and Johns were working together on something, which we now know the answer to presumably.

A Batman star who is also its writer/director, that’ll be a first! An exciting development to finally have confirmed.

Oh, and Tsujihara also said they have 10 movies of the DC variety planned through 2020.


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