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It’s “Disaster on Demand” in Gwenn and Smith’s BAD LUCK CHUCK


Dark Horse Comics has announced Bad Luck Chuck, a new four-issue miniseries by writer Lela Gwenn (Ladies Night Anthology: Eat It Up), artist Matthew Dow Smith (The X-Files, Doctor Who), colorist Kelly Fitzpatrick (Bitch Planet), and letterer Frank Cvetkovic (Molly Danger). The series centers on Charlene “Chuck” Manchester, a freelance disaster artist who utilizes a life-long curse to bring bad luck to her customers’ enemies. Here’s how the publisher describes the series:

Cursed at birth, Charlene “Chuck” Manchester hires out her own bad luck, providing disaster where someone else can profit. She can get you that insurance payout fortune—for a price. But bad luck doesn’t always go as planned, an​d when Chuck gets stuck between a dissatisfied crime boss client​, a cult leader, ​and a dogged insurance-fraud investigator, things get…explosive. Everything that could go wrong does—and only about half of it by accident. She’ll need more than a rabbit’s foot to get through this.

The series sounds like a blend of humor and crime noir, which could be a lot of fun. Check out the cover for the first issue below, and look fir Bad Luck Chuck #1 in stores at the end of March.

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