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It's a hit: New York Comic Con Saturday sells out


Well, we knew everyone was excited about NYCC, but didn’t know it was THIS exciting. Saturday is already sold out. You can still get tickets for Friday and Sunday and a weekend pass will get you into all three days, but no more single ticket sales. PR below

Officials at New York Comic Con (NYCC) have just announced that the show has reached capacity for Saturday, October 9.  Tickets ARE available for Friday 10/8 and Sunday 10/9. 
Retailers are still selling the remaining Saturday and weekend passes (while supplies last) but on site sales for Saturday tickets ONLY have been shut down.  A list of retailers will be posted in the Crystal Palace which is the main lobby at the Javits Center. 
If fans already have a Saturday or Weekend pass, they will get in!
For further information and updates please check www.nycomiccon.com, the NYCC official blog www.MediumatLarge.net and Twitter (@ny_comic_con and @ny_anime_fest).   

  1. “SDCC did it.” Now to Sell Out Fri… Sun… add Thurs to the Con days… Sell Out ALL passes… complain about overcrowding at Javits… start Move-NYCC-to-Orlando! talks.

    Curious: how much of that Sold Out crowd in Javits are there for the “Comic Con” portion of the Convention— and how many are there for the “Anime Festival” part? Do the cosplaying population on the Floor indicate one way or another?

    And, what’s the estimated number of the NYCC/NCAF attendees there just for the (expanded and now-firmly-ensconced) “Gaming”
    presence? (As surely they’re NOT there for the reduced “Hollywood” one.)

    Maybe The Beat can do another one of her reportorial analysis of these differing tribes commingling at a Comic Convention… just updated for the East Coast Nerd population?

    /inquring CA non-attendee wants to know

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