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It’s a good thing THE BEAT has been cleaning


It looks like room will need to be made at Stately Beat Manor …


From the Kidrobot Discussion Board:

Adult Swim – Mini Figures
We’ve teamed up with Adult Swim to bring your late night to life. From Robot Chicken and Mad Scientist to Assy McGee, Carl and the Mooninites, ridiculous-ness in a box can be yours for just $7.95 a piece. 18 characters in all, including two secret chases. Badass!

Posted by Mark Coale

  1. Finally, a prosthetic device I could use to moon my friends and co-workers. In dire need of ridicule, all I have to do is whip out my handy dandy Assy McGee figure and let the hijinks ensue.



  2. I don’t have cable so I’m largely unfamiliar with Adult Swim other than what trickles through popular culture. What the hell is that thing that looks like a cross between Cthulhu and Hedwig (of the Angry Inch fame)? The Nameless Dread indeed.

    Though it’s comforting to see that Professor T. Bostnec is not alone in his affliction.

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