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It was Daryl. You know it was Daryl. But you can still go on a cruise with him.


You know that Negan killed Daryl on Sunday night, right?

It had to be.

A “beloved character” died, they already killed Glenn and they want the comics to be different from the TV show. And no one’s death would cause such pain, agony and outcry. Plus attention. The Walking Dead is in its seventh season! Coral will be starting college soon! They needed something to jolt things up.

Plus, Norman Reedus has many new TV shows—like an unscripted one called Ride with Norman Reedus—and projects. And he got tired of being bitten by his fans.

So you know, in your heart.

It was Daryl.

Luckily, you can still show you’re Daryk ove by ponying up for the first ever Wizard World Cruise with Norman Reedus and a few other nerdlebrities, including the Ghostbusters guy.

In addition to Reddus, the guests include: Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters), Barry Bostwick (The Rocky Horror Picture Show, “Spin City”), Sara Underwood (“Attack of the Show”), Billy Martin (lead guitarist/keyboardist, Good Charlotte; artist, “TMNT”), Phil Ortiz (animator, “The Simpsons,” “Muppet Babies”), cosplayers Jackie Craft, Abby Dark Star and Zen Dragon. More nerdlebrities will be dragooned announced soon.

Priced starting at $749 per person, the three-day jaunt runs from December 2-5 on the Norwegian Sky and goes from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas.
The journey will be replete with all the amenities of both a cruise ship AND a comic-con, including cosplay contests, parties, video game tournaments, a casino, spa, full gym, basketball/volleyball court and 10 bars. Maybe even shuffleboard.

It’s the perfect way to say goodbye to Daryl. Because you know Negan beat him to death with Lucille the other night. And there was nothing anyone could do to stop it. 


  1. yeah, it might be daryl. then again, maybe not. they could be pulling off another bait and switch here, like they did with glen, making everyone believe it’s daryl’s turn to get it, when in fact someone else is getting clobbered with a baseball bat. i’m thinking it’s arron. haven’t seen too much of him lately, you never see his partner anymore, it seems any story lines concerning them has dried up, so time to go. while daryl’s story still has a lot of potential left (i don’t think he’s had a serious girlfriend since this series started, he becomes a leader in his own right, maybe goes off on his own for a little while like carol), lots of possibilities there. yeah, i could be wrong, but i think arron’s gonna take the hit while the mainstays of the cast get to stick around for a little while longer (one or two or maybe even three of them will probably not last till the end of next season, their deaths being much more grander and shocking than a baseball bat upside the head).

  2. 1) ” Norman Reedus has many new TV shows—like an unscripted one called Ride with Norman Reedus—and projects. ”
    Reedus’ projects are dependent on his being in Walking Dead.

    2) “Beloved “easily refers to Abraham who has two women who love him.

    Redus/Daryl isn’t going anywhere. He is by far the most audience liked character. By far. The show is slipping a lot in the crucial live viewership ratings. they are not going to throw away the most popular character

    They likely have not even decided who will die. Carol may die along with a red shit (Rosita, Sasha) in the 11 Negan has lined up.

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